XT9 Smart Input–advanced text input solution

Enabling faster, easier text entry across a wide array of devices


XT9® is a multi-modal text input solution that supports a variety of device form factors and input methods. A flexible, scalable input solution for mid to high-tier devices, XT9® has an advanced feature set that benefits all users, allowing them to enter text with ease.

XT9’s patented modular architecture provides OEMs with one powerful and flexible text entry platform that can be integrated with most form factors and platforms. XT9® supports other input modes such as speech, handwriting, and continuous touch input allowing users to choose how they want to communicate. It can be used in any application where text is entered on a device – SMS, email, calendar, notes, tasks, browser search boxes, and more.

Key Features:
  • Form Factor Versatility – XT9® works on a wide variety of form factors
  • Regional Error Correction – Corrects mistakes when the wrong key is pressed (mob = moon)
  • Spell Correction – Corrects misspelled words while typing (thier = their)
  • Word Completion – Easily type in unique words, chat phrases, email addresses and more (espe = especially)
  • Advanced Prediction – With advanced language models, XT9® predicts words better than ever before by considering context and previous user behavior (hello = hello there)
  • Word Shortcuts – Allowing users to use shortcuts to enter common phrases (ttyl = talk to you later)
  • Auto Features – XT9® automatically adds punctuation, capitalization and accents to words as you type (cant = can’t)