Nuance® VSuite

A speaker-independent voice command and control framework that allows for voice-based access to a phone’s core features and services. Users can use their own voice to enhance their overall mobile experience.

Nuance® VSuite allows users to access the full range of features available on their handsets, hands-free and eyes-free.  Easy access to applications and content, coupled with the ability to personalize the voice capability, provide an exceptional user experience that builds loyalty and increases retention.  Available in over 21 languages, Nuance® VSuite is the ultimate voice command solution.

Benefits of Nuance VSuite

  • Make a call, address messages and access content using voice
  • Hands-free, eyes-free access to a handset’s features
  • Immediate, out-of-the-box use
  • Extends the ability to customize voice commands
  • Text-to-speech read-out and driving mode command
  • Available in over 21 languages

Our benefits to you as an…


  • Platform agnostic – made available for feature phones and Smartphones
  • “Press and Speak” access drives usage, generates revenue and fosters retention
  • VSuite complies with accessibility regulations for the blind and visually impaired (US Telecom Act Section 255)
  • Available APIs allow for carrier customization launching different apps


  • Simplifies access to applications and services by voice
  • Improves the overall user experience and brand loyalty
  • Provides a common interface between embedded and network-based services
  • VSuite framework includes a small footprint, high quality Text-to-Speech engine
  • Supports over 21 languages

End User

  • Access to applications and content is fast and easy
  • Supports “eyes-free” phone usage for in-car safety
  • Speaker-independence means immediate use, ready out-of-the-box
  • Personalization settings let users tailor the voice experience to their choice