Power PDF How to: Converting PDF to Excel

How to get started, and get more out of your PDFs

With one-click PDF creation buttons, intuitive editing features, and powerful tools like batch conversion and fillable forms, Power PDF makes you and your teams more productive than ever before.

Convert PDFs to Excel

Quickly export PDFs to Excel spreadsheets

Whether it’s your own or your employees’, time is too valuable to waste re-entering data into spreadsheets.

The good news is that you don’t have to anymore. Now you can accurately convert tables within PDF files into familiar and useable Excel spreadsheets. Power PDF not only captures numbers and text, it also retains the formatting, keeping columns and rows intact—to give you a fully functional spreadsheet.

This would be helpful for example, if a PDF document contained a list of items and quantities to be ordered. After converting to Excel, you could easily sort, run calculations and even reformat your data.

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Nuance offers a comprehensive list of resources to help businesses learn about Nuance Power PDF and to use it more effectively. Visit the Power PDF Resource Library.

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  • Power PDF How to: Converting PDF to Excel