Our culture

Who we are

Our most powerful asset is our people.

We are a global community of doers

Ours is a culture of innovation where breakthroughs happen every day.

Right place, right time, right mind.

It’s not every day that a professional services lead secures a suite of patents, but Haydar was never one to be confined by a title—and the patents he secured for behavioural biometrics in 2018 were the product of a journey driven by curiosity, collaboration, intuition, and a relentless drive to make something that “makes the world a better place.”

Making every day matter, together

Imaginers, inventors, improvers: there are many "I"s in our teams.


We show up for each other

Holidays, birthdays, friendly competitions, talent shows—we'll take any excuse to get in a room together...even if it's a virtual room.