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Nuance tackles real‑world challenges to produce transformative, mission‑critical outcomes.

We specialize in conversational AI and ambient intelligence

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Our solutions are designed to empower excellence, meet specific needs and requirements, and address the biggest challenges our customers face every day.

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Our vertical solutions are tailored to industry‑specific needs and protected by world‑class security. Our artificial intelligence evolves to meet changing objectives by drawing on massive streams of data that help us continually learn, improve, and resolve emerging problems.


patient stories captured and communicated annually 


customer interactions via digital and voice channels per year


biometric authentications per year

EVP CTO Joe Petro

We believe customer data is sacred, so we build our cutting‑edge AI technology responsibly—with data privacy and protection in mind.

Joe Petro
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

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We partner with global academic and commercial thought leaders to advance the state of the art in conversational AI.


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