Financial services—AI for advanced efficiency, security, and user experience

It’s about balance: optimize the impact of your time and resources.

Customers take great care in choosing who to trust with their assets—and it’s essential that they feel taken care of in return. Our AI for financial services fosters extraordinary customer relationships through transformative technologies that save time, heighten security, and personalize service, delivering optimal share of wallet.

Dragon for financial services

Reduce risk and improve compliance with voice.

Dragon amplifies the everyday efficiency of financial professionals, helping them to meet changing regulatory governance with progressively more detailed and accurate reports, plans, disclosures, and other documentation. With Dragon Professional Group speech recognition, you’ll see immediate improvement in the speed and accuracy of even the most detailed financial documentation. Reduce compliance risk and operational costs while improving client service with the ability to capture client interactions, document disclosures, and complex action plans easily, all by voice.

The numbers tell the story

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