PowerScribe One Radiology Workflow and Reporting

Drive workflow efficiency and reporting accuracy with PowerScribe One

Bring new levels of accuracy, quality, and performance with PowerScribe One powered by real time structured data and
clinical language understanding technology.
Overcome inefficiencies, inconsistent recommendations and
failed follow up.

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Nuance delivers an unrivaled radiology reporting experience with PowerScribe One

Designed with radiologists in mind, PowerScribe One augment and automate the workflows to drive improved quality and efficiency. Clinical Language understanding processing provides unparalleled accuracy.


Numerous capabilities designed for you

The Power of One

Harness the latest advances in technology to deliver value

The power of structured data

Continuous learning and context-aware language understanding convert text into structured data to expand interoperability and enable data-driven applications.

The power of deep integration

Benefit from deep integrations between PowerScribe One, imaging modalities, and the PACS, RIS and EMR systems radiologists use every day. Real-time data sharing reduces redundant data entry and potential for errors to maximise productivity and report quality.

The power of accurate reporting

A radiology reporting platform utilising Nuance powerful speech recognition and natural language processing to enable the rapid and efficient creation of high-quality, actionable radiology reports. Moreover, increase radiologist satisfaction by applying preconfigured templates and/or creating voice-driven reports on-the-go using their own mobile device.

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