Dragon Medical One: Secure, cloud-based clinical speech recognition

The #1 clinical documentation companion

Go beyond dictation with a conversational AI workflow assistant and documentation companion. Dragon Medical One uses artificial intelligence to accurately capture voice-generated content directly into clinical systems. More than just a speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One can aid and assist.

2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 Best in KLAS speech recognition front-end EMR badges

Documentation aid & clinical noting

Reduce the burden of clinical documentation

Dragon Medical One supports a more productive documentation experience before, during, and after the patient consultation. Advanced speech recognition delivers faster, simpler, and more complete clinical notes and documentation.

Your path to DAX Copilot begins now with Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One aids with your documentation workflow and assists you within the EMR and beyond so you can achieve higher levels of quality across care settings.

Dragon Medical One is your gateway to DAX Copilot.

DAX Copilot is the next step combining generative and ambient AI with conversational AI.

Workflow assistant

Conquer the clicks using advanced voice commands

Simplify repetitive tasks such as EMR navigation, orders, and signing notes by using the integrated voice capabilities of Dragon Medical One. Go beyond clinical workflows to draft personal emails, navigate Microsoft Office documents, and search the web by using your voice.

Go to the patients' list - What's the latest lab result?

Secure and compliant

Our security practices, combined with a high-availability and redundant infrastructure, help ensure that your clinicians will experience fast, accurate, secure, and uninterrupted clinical speech recognition.

Video case study

Dr Pieter Nel - Chief Digital Director Medical Services
Mackay HHS

Pieter discusses Dragon Medical One and the benefits of real-time documentation, including better quality of notes, improved efficiencies within the Emergency Department, patient flow, patient care & patient safety.

With a 30% reduction of time spent on documentation, Pieter explains how clinicians can use that time for the benefit of both staff and patients.

Act on insights with our customer success organisation

Nuance has many years of experience working closely with hospitals to support deployment and adoption of our solutions. As part of our Customer Success Organisation, we provide regular reports for monitoring KPI trends, measuring ROI, responding to changes in adoption and demonstrating benefits.

Nuance professional services

Personalised experience and improved EMR adoption

Our team of experts give you all the support you need to plan, deploy and adopt our cloud platform. We work closely with healthcare organisations to understand goals and requirements and to tailor our solutions and delivery strategy to their needs. We carry out analyses of EMR and other clinical system’s workflows to ensure maximum optimisation is being achieved.

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The Dragon Medical One product was created by Nuance Communications (the producer of the well-known Dragon suite of speech recognition products), and neither that product nor Nuance is affiliated in any way with any other company.