Professional services – Expert team accelerating adoption and ROI

Professional Services for healthcare organisations

Getting the most out of speech recognition—designing a quality service to assist your clinicians.


Maximise the value for your healthcare organisations

Drawing on years of extensive expertise in healthcare, cloud, national and compliance requirements, our team of experts gives you all the support you need to plan, deploy and adopt our solution. The scope extends from strategy and planning through to training, implementation and empowering the customer success organisation to maximise the value of your investment.

3x reasons why professional services are important:

  1. Increase clinician confidence and buy-in from initial use
  2. Minimise project timescales and reduce the need for in-house resources
  3. Optimise, specialty-specific, workflows that help accelerate return on investment (ROI)

Plan & deliver

A highly efficient methodology optimised to deliver a successful and timely customer experience

Beyond our powerful solution, we are on hand for you to help you achieve unparalleled results because we understand that software and service go together. The potential of advanced technologies can be used best and fastest if clinicians are familiar with the solution’s capabilities.

Support & optimise

Going way beyond "set it and forget it"

As part of Nuance’s Customer Success Organisation, we help hospitals to demonstrate benefits, measure ROI, and respond to changes in behaviour and adoption, month by month and year on year.

1. Determine project goals and success criteria

2. Manage implementation, developing team talent and capabilities

3. Measure and drive solution adoption and utilisation

4. Ensure end-user satisfaction from the deployed solution/s

5. Identify opportunities to improve and optimise workflows

Deliver the solutions your clinicians want - and the results your healthcare organisation needs.