Improve clinician mobility with PowerMic Mobile

Support clinician mobility, desktop virtualization, and freedom from hard-wired dictation stations

Learn how Meridian Health improved clinician mobility with PowerMic Mobile.

Company profile

Meridian Health is a premier provider of health services to patients in Ocean County, New Jersey. As a not-for-profit health care organization, Meridian Health has consistently been rated among the top-performing health systems in New Jersey for clinical quality, and for the past five consecutive years has been named one of the FORTUNE “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

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During our pilot, PowerMic Mobile increased clinician mobility throughout the day and let our physicians complete their patient notes on any available hospital workstation as soon as they met with each patient, without the need to find an open, dedicated dictation station.

Matthew Klein
Physician Application Liaison
Meridian Health


  • Improve access to dictation stations
  • Support virtualized EMR deployment
  • Support clinicians’ desire for mobility


  • Implement PowerMic Mobile for use on clinicians’ personal smartphones


  • Improved physician satisfaction amongst pilot group
  • Freedom to connect and dictate at any workstation with microphone access for voice-driven clinical documentation
  • Greater physician mobility throughout the hospital, clinics, and home


Committed to providing the best possible care to their patient population, part of their mission is to “seek innovative solutions, technologies, and partnerships.” Recently, the organization worked with Nuance to launch the PowerMic Mobile solution.

Meridian’s physicians access their EMR through dedicated workstations that are located strategically throughout the hospital facilities. Many of these workstations also feature Nuance speech-recognition technology with a hard-wired PowerMic II microphone—what Meridian refers to as “dictation stations.” These workstations are outfitted with hard-wired microphones and provide physicians with complete dictation control and the ability to navigate through the EMR.

Matthew Klein, Physician Application Liaison for Meridian Health, shared some of the challenges they had encountered with the dictation stations: “We found that the PowerMic II wasn’t always physically located at the workstation. Or, if the device had become unplugged, a physician would sometimes need support in properly reconnecting the microphone to the application.”

To solve these and other challenges related to EMR virtualization workflow, Nuance developed PowerMic Mobile, an app that offers the same functionality of the PowerMic II, but through the user’s iPhone or Android smartphone. At Meridian Health, the Nuance team worked with Klein’s team to roll out the application to a pilot group of 20 physicians.

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