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The healthcare speech recognition and virtual assistant platform for developers

Used by more developers, in more healthcare apps, on more devices. This is your opportunity to harness the proven power of AI technologies by integrating medical speech recognition, voice‑enabled workflows and deep domain expertise into your apps.

Features and benefits

Why Nuance voice-enabled workflows are right for your healthcare app

From portability to reliability, capability to performance, these are among the most popular reasons to consider the Nuance Healthcare Development Platform.

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Join more than 1,000 healthcare developers worldwide who are already using AI‑powered technologies to address high‑impact problems in healthcare.

Use cases

Automate high value clinical tasks

Whether a physician, nurse, or clinical professional, voice‑enabled workflows can automate high value clinical tasks from data entry to information retrieval. Here are just a few examples of the types of actions you can add to your healthcare app.

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Discover the value of our AI powered SDKs for healthcare

Learn how our cross-platform SDKs and developer tools, reference applications, and documentation make it easy to integrate secure, voice‑enabled workflows and professional‑grade features into your mobile, web‑based, and desktops healthcare apps.

Nuance Dragon Medical SpeechKit, with its secure cloud-based speech recognition and new voice-enabled capabilities, is used by hundreds of developers to create a richer, more enhanced user experience for thousands of healthcare providers.

Whether you are delivering with EHR apps for clinical documentation or other mobile productivity apps such as secure messaging, clinical and drug reference, or education, we can help you enhance performance by adding smarter, voice-enabled workflows. Using our SDK, developers are helping increase productivity boost physician satisfaction and rise the quality of care by offering a ubiquitous experience across platforms. Help your clients create and review documentation in one simple step, reduce or eliminate documentation costs, and improve overall financial performance.

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Whether you are looking to add speech dictation to your app, deploy voice‑enabled workflows to tackle common tasks, or use NLU to extract clinical facts—we are here to help. See how some of our development partners are fundamentally changing the way care is captured. Let their success inspire confidence in your next move. Get started with the Nuance Healthcare Development Platform today.

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