Infographic—Better patient-provider experience with Nuance AI

Applying technology to foster growth and resiliency

Nuance helps clinics and practices build a better foundation for patient care‑while preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

Improve the patient‑provider experience while reducing physician burnout

Approximately 94% of clinicians still type patient notes into the EHR—reducing efficiency and compromising the patient‑provider experience. Clinics and practices need cost‑effective technology solutions to help them stay competitive, boost compliance, and improve care quality. Get the infographic to explore more.

Today's challenges

Patient frustration

71% of patients are frustrated with their healthcare experience.

Clinician burnout

More than 40% of clinicians experience burnout.

Survey results

Research conducted with clinicians about the role of technology and significant issues affecting their clinics and practices:


believe speech recognition and virtual assistant technology will improve the ability to document care


using ambient technology are more focused, personable, and engaged


agree ambient technology allows them to focus more on patient care


agree speech recognition helps improve clinical documentation

See how Nuance advanced AI capabilities improve the patient‑provider experience while reducing physician burnout.

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