Patient Support solutions

Technology that helps patients help themselves

Our Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) on voice and digital channels provide patients with automated assistance for common inquiries. Meet patient needs while reducing staff workloads by intelligently sharing useful information within positive patient experiences.

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Enable convenient self‑service

Nuance NLU‑powered Intelligent Virtual Agent extends efficiency to patients seeking assistance through online chat. Create personalized, conversational interactions that deliver fast answers to questions, increasing satisfaction while reducing staff workload.


Delight patients and gain efficiencies

Frictionless, effective self‑service gives patients fast answers to their questions, increasing patient satisfaction while reducing staffing costs. When only a human will do, live agents with activity history and patient information resolve issues faster.

Real‑world business outcomes

Average results for Nuance Voice IVA + Patient Support customers.


Containment rate

(percentage of calls that are not handled by live agents)


Self‑service rate

(percentage of calls with a completed self‑service transaction)


Support cost savings

(based on cost per support call and number of calls deflected from live agents)


Every little bit helps

Intelligent automation combines with live agents for better support experiences that drive value for healthcare organizations.

Support for inbound inquiries

Deflect work from support staff and deliver quick help to patients over voice and digital channels with automated assistance for patient portal access, virtual visit support, and FAQs. Send SMS messages with helpful, self‑service URLs or trigger conversational instructions that walk patients through small, easy steps.

Proactive outreach for telehealth appointments

Ensure successful virtual visits by sending an automated voice and/or SMS message to patients with upcoming telehealth appointments and confirm patient readiness. Patients needing assistance easily receive instructions and help with configuring, testing, and troubleshooting applications and equipment.


A conversation piece for routine tasks

An AI‑first approach automates support for common issues with intelligent self-service.

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