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Your patients are taking a more active role in their healthcare. Epic MyChart is an excellent first step toward empowering them with their ability to use it—and your readiness to help.

Give your patients a positive first impression

Patients are a critical part of the overall care team, and they require both access to and the ability to navigate medical records in order to advocate for themselves effectively. Save your patients time and promote your reputation as a responsive care provider with an investment in Epic MyChart Service Desk and ensure support is always available to them. You make your patients’ health a priority—make sure their experience with Epic MyChart is no different.

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We know long-term success does not happen without the right support in place for your patients. Our Epic MyChart Clinical Service Desk team focuses on providing patients real-time support and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know your goal is to provide patients with access to their health information so they can play an active role in the care process. Let us help you deliver on that promise.

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With a team of practicing physicians at the heart of Nuance EHR Services, your clinical and nonclinical staff can take advantage of our deep, real-world understanding of how to use Epic in both acute and ambulatory settings.
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