Nuance Healthcare Security

Security matters: 24/7 service integrity and data privacy

Secure and resilient networks and systems

Our healthcare customers understandably place a great deal of trust in us, and we are dedicated to earning it. Our focus is to build customer confidence in the integrity of our solutions, whether it be a HITRUST-certified environment, solutions with service level guarantees, or product features that help meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

Our team of certified, trained security professionals work hard to continuously enhance our security infrastructure and posture. We have made significant technology investments across network, product, physical and IT security, including a Security Operations Center that continuously monitors, analyzes and rapidly responds to potential online threats.

When it comes to healthcare, we appreciate that any breach or disruption can have particularly serious consequences. Our healthcare solutions are designed to support care teams 24/7, allowing them to capture, use and share information critical to delivering the highest quality of care possible. In today’s mobile-oriented environment, that means letting them use their device of choice—anywhere and at any time without worrying about service uptimes or jeopardizing patient privacy.

SLA Compliance

Our Service Level Agreement page provides historical insight into the overall uptime and compliance of our Dragon Medical cloud services.

SLA Uptime Page

Ensure the data you entrust is private and protected

Our ever-advancing, defense-in-depth security strategy and corresponding controls are designed to ensure that the data you entrust to us is kept private and protected.

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A strategic foundation for trust and resiliency

Our 5-point defense-in-depth security strategy includes a combination of tools attended by certified, technical security professionals who follow established policies and protocols based on industry best practices. Learn more

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