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Like other countries across the world, healthcare in Australia has reams of clinical documentation – recent estimates for 2015-16 suggest that there were 10.6 million discharge summaries, 28 million outpatient reports/letters and 2.2 million procedure notes. But is it in a digital format that is useful? We’ve built our business around the idea of first time right, to ensure healthcare documentation is the best it can be, empowering clinicians and care teams with AI-powered solutions to overcome the data entry burden that the EMR can place upon clinicians.

Learn how you can get healthcare documentation right the very first time.

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Overload and burnout are big issues for clinicians today.

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Concerns & benefits

Free care teams from rework, recall, repeat.

Elevate your outcomes by getting it right the first time.

Provider experience
When it isn't right the first time:

Clinician satisfaction suffers.

When it's first time right:

Clinicians experience less burnout and spend more quality time with patients and themselves.

Optimised and utilised EMR
When it isn't right the first time:

Return on investment isn’t fully realised.

When it's first time right:

Clinicians work more efficiently, saving time, money and clicks.

Financial integrity
When it isn't right the first time:

Time-consuming rework ensues.

When it's first time right:

Appropriate diagnoses lead to proper payment, less rework, and compliant claims.

When it isn't right the first time:

Quality scores drop.

When it's first time right:

Improved performance and quality scores result in a stronger reputation.

Incredible outcomes start here…


fewer clicks means more time for patients


of appropriate reimbursement means better financial integrity


of clinicians agree that Nuance helps improve the quality of documentation


AI solutions that empower clinicians

Nuance solutions and services ensure information accuracy throughout the entire patient journey. Now, thanks to AI in healthcare, you can trust that clinical documentation and the patient story will always be “first time right.”


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