Case study– secure, cloud-based speech recognition assists Mackay HHS digital strategy

Mackay Base Hospital boosts digitisation and releases clinician time, to care

Dragon Medical One delivers 30% reduction in documentation time
(evidenced through EMR data)

Mackay Base Hospital

Mackay Hospital and Health Service is a contemporary organisation providing extensive health services in a range of regional, community and rural settings, to a population of around 180,000 people.

Mackay Base Hospital is the referral hospital for the region and is one of the most modern healthcare facilities in Queensland. The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with leading edge digital technology.

Over 2000 staff care for more than 81,200 people in the Emergency Department each year and approximately 271,000 Outpatient appointments.

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It gave us quite considerable time back and we talk about at least 2min per patient being given back to every clinician which is a 30% reduction of time spent in documentation.

Dr Pieter Nel
Chief Digital Director Medical Services

  • Reduce time required to create documentation in ieMR
  • Release time to see patients
  • Send clinical information to intended recipients as quickly as possible
  • Improve staff satisfaction
  • Dragon Medical One
  • Nuance PowerMic
  • PowerMic Mobile
  • 30% reduction in time spent on documentation in the ieMR - enabling clinicians to spend more time with patients and junior doctors
  • More complete documentation added to the medical record to support accurate handover and improve patient safety
  • Increase in clinician satisfaction as clinical documentation is created 3 to 4 times faster versus typing, enabling clinicians to leave work on time and have a better work/life balance
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Presentation by: Dr Andrew Brier
FACEM, MBBS, Staff Specialist, Emergency Physician

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