EPR, RIS, PACS Integrations and Partnerships

Jointly we improve your EPR workflow with voice

Collaborating with more than 150 EPR, RIS and PACS suppliers, global and local Health IT specialists and NHS IT suppliers, our goal is to maximise your investment in your electronic patient record, diagnostic imaging system or other health record platform. Our healthcare speech recognition solutions integrate with your workflow for seamless deployment and adoption, enable a smoother and user-friendly data entry using your most natural way of communication, your voice!

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Our global partnerships set us apart

Given all of the platforms, devices, and unique demands of the people who use them, creating a seamless experience isn’t easy. That’s why we partner with the broadest range of EHR and healthcare IT solution providers. Our goal is to make it easier for clinicians to document everything without ever taking their focus off what matters most—caring for their patients.

EHR partnerships

Nuance partners with your Health IT vendors to create value for your organisation

Nuance partners with leading healthcare information, systems integration, hosting and platform partners around the world. These leaders offer quality speech-enabled solutions based on Nuance core platform technologies or distribute our Dragon Medical solutions including the necessary services and maintenance to make sure you can benefit most of our professional medical speech recognition solutions: The result is flexibility for enterprises of all sizes to select the solution that fits their needs and be confident that Nuance is inside.

Our partners are selected according to strict criteria based on the strong demand for expertise in the healthcare environment. They are the only channel recommended by Nuance Healthcare to supply and install Nuance Healthcare technology in the UK and Ireland.

Integration and EPR alliances

Supporting more than 150 EHRs

Nuance partners with more mobile, web-based and desktop EHRs than could ever fit on a web page, but you’ll find some of our biggest relationships here.

We share in the Allscripts vision of building open, connected communities of health. More than 500 healthcare organizations and 20,000 clinicians that use Allscripts also use our solutions. Through our integrated speech recognition and workflow solutions, like PowerMic Mobile, Nuance gives Allscripts users full voice control, single sign on, navigation and integrated productivity tools across ambulatory and inpatient solutions. For all these reasons, Allscripts recommend Dragon Medical as the premier solution for new clients.

Nuance is the only clinical documentation solutions provider to offer an embedded speech recognition solution on the athenahealth Marketplace. Our physician speech solution, Dragon Medical, allows users to dictate, navigate and execute commands in athenaClinicals. And bundling other Nuance products allows users to access productivity tools like PowerMic Mobile and Dragon Medical Advisor, as well as extend the use of Dragon Medical—both in and out of athenahealth.

More than 1,000 healthcare organizations and 60,000 clinicians who use Cerner also use Nuance. In fact, Nuance is Cerner’s strategic speech recognition partner—using Dragon Medical and PowerMic Mobile to document across Cerner PowerChart® and exclusively for cloud-based mobile speech in PowerChart Touch™, Instanote, and Message Center. We’re proudly Cerner’s only partner for embedded Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) and embedded Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) through Cerner Document Quality Review.

Tens of thousands of clinicians who use eClinicalWorks can increase their productivity using Nuance applications. Dragon Medical and workflow solutions, like PowerMic Mobile, are tightly integrated into eClinicalWorks. In fact, Nuance is the only speech recognition provider embedded in eClinicalMobile and eClinicalTouch—iPad, iPhone and Android apps. And Dragon Medical Advisor helps providers capture specificity within their documentation—helping your organization receive appropriate reimbursement for patients’ disease burden, avoid penalties for non-compliance and reduce the number of CDI and Coder queries to physicians.


More than 300 healthcare organizations and 60,000 clinicians rely on tight integration between Nuance’s full technology suite and Epic solutions. With Nuance, clinicians can use their voice to navigate and document within the Epic workflow using Dragon Medical and PowerMic Mobile. And it’s the only speech application to power Epic’s mobile apps across all the major platforms and popular devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android. Meanwhile, in radiology, deep integration and certification with PowerScribe 360 powers CTRM, actionable findings, and multimedia reports. More than 350 hospitals that use Epic depend on our Physician Technology Partners (PTP) services to maximize efficiency, physician satisfaction, and productivity. By combining certified Epic and Dragon Medical expertise, these services help drive improvement in physicians’ experience at all stages of the Epic lifecycle. From Build to Training, Go-Live, and long-term Support and Optimization, Nuance offers comprehensive solutions to help clients maximize their investment in Epic and deliver unmatched outcomes.

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More than 300 healthcare organizations and 15,000 clinicians that use MEDITECH also use Nuance solutions. For 15 years our two companies have worked together to deliver a full complement of solutions focused on simplifying how physicians can create high quality clinical documentation into the MEDITECH EHR. Supported by all versions of MEDITECH—and exclusively integrated into MEDITECH’s Web EHR—Nuance’s advanced speech recognition technology can be paired with Nuance Transcription Platforms, to reduce turnaround times, improve speed and accuracy of documentation, and cut costs without disrupting clinical workflow. And Dragon Medical Advisor helps providers capture specificity within their documentation—helping your organization receive appropriate reimbursement for patients’ disease burden, avoid penalties for non-compliance and reduce the number of CDI and Coder queries to physicians.

Professional Services

Transforming innovative technology into intelligent solutions

Whether you’re in a small organization or a large enterprise, our Service teams have all the system proficiency and best practices you need to get up and running. We’ll help you achieve significant cost savings, increase RIS/PACS adoption, streamline workflows, and deliver higher quality care.

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