Nuance Live Assist, Virtual Assistant and Natural Language Call Steering

Post Office Ltd. delivers a superior customer experience

More efficient agents, faster customer service, and new self-service options.

Company profile

Post Office Ltd. is the UK’s leading retail postal service company, and offers a wide range of home broadband and phone services.

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Post Office
Nuance Live and Async Assist has added a new dynamic to our customer service. It has already helped us achieve a CSAT score of 84%, and less than 4% of chats need to be escalated to a phone agent—so it’s a channel that works and gives customers what they need.

Simon Kissane
Head of Customer Experience and Operations,
Post Office Ltd.


  • Offer a superior customer experience in all moments of the customer journey by introducing self-service options and reducing transfers between agents.


  • Nuance Natural Language Call Steering directs callers to the right agent and enables agents to see why customers have called. Nuance Live and Async Assist offer customers a convenient digital engagement option, and Nuance Virtual Assistant offers customers self-service options.


  • Customers get quick answers to their problems and agents save time handling simple customer cases, so they can focus on more complex queries.


Post Office Ltd.’s Telecoms division contact centre receives hundreds of different queries every day—from sales and billing to installation and technical support.

Previously, all cases were handled by human agents using either phone or email, no matter if it was a customer asking for an update on their order progress or clarification on their bill. Transfer rates between agents were high—and often took up to 70 seconds to complete.

It was a manual approach to customer service that took up a lot of agent time and demanded that all team members were trained to handle a broad range of cases.

Post Office Ltd. knew there was a way to improve its approach to customer service, and it searched for a partner that could help it achieve its vision.

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