Conversational IVR–Interactive voice response for customer self-service through natural language technology

The modern approach to IVR customer self‑service

Add the power of a natural, intuitive self‑service conversational IVR that customers will actually use and prefer.

A new type of IVR

Consumers demand faster, simpler ways to engage with companies and resolve issues. Digital platforms like Web and mobile make it easy to self‑serve, and continue to raise customers’ expectations. However, call volumes remain high as the conversational interactive voice response (IVR) becomes the escalation channel for more complex issues, putting greater pressure on agents and contact center costs.

Older touch‑tone and directed dialog‑based IVR systems with complicated menu trees don’t meet the needs of today’s savvy consumers. It’s time to adapt to this new reality and strike a balance between meeting growing customer expectations and reducing operational costs.

Nuance Conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables human‑like interactions that allow individuals to self‑serve and successfully resolve issues within the IVR. It delivers an intuitive service experience that anticipates the caller’s needs and enables them to interact with the system naturally, in their own words. Learn how The Modern Voice combines AI‑powered speech technologies to enable automated conversations that feel almost human.

Companies that offer a conversational IVR will reduce costs, provide better customer experiences and maximise return on investment.

Want proof? Check out our infographic: "Current State of the IVR"(Open a new window) to see how companies that modernised their IVR perform 75% better in call intent determination.

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Transform your IVR from a liability into a lifeline

Discover how Nuance's Conversational IVR can help you reduce agent calls, improve call routing and increase customer satisfaction.


Reduce operational costs

Call center executives need to reduce overall call center costs (applications, infrastructure, people) while still meeting customer expectations. Nuance customers use intelligent IVR technologies to address this pressure and achieve the following key benefits:

  • Improved automation metrics (containment, misroutes) through increased use and effectiveness of self‑service
  • Decreased call center cost metrics (cost per transaction, AHT) through improved call resolution and deflection
  • Greater contact center efficiency through improved agent utilization and reduced labor expense
Improved customer experiences

In today’s digital world, consumers are able to quickly and easily shift their business to a competitor if they aren’t completely satisfied with the service an organization provides. A conversational IVR system delivers an intuitive, self‑service experience that consumers will use and offers the following specific benefits:

  • Higher customer satisfaction leading to improved NPS scores and greater loyalty
  • Positively differentiated brand perception
  • Consistent experiences across multiple channels allow customers to engage through any method they choose
Lower TCO and maximise return on technology investments

Businesses and executives make substantial investments in call centre solutions and need to make sure they deliver the right ROI. Nuance customers that invest in our Conversational IVR platform can see the following benefits:

  • Streamlined costs and investments with technology and support for multiple channels and existing systems
  • Optimized interactive voice response (IVR) solutions offer insights and improvement over time—increasing efficiency and ROI
  • Simplified operations and investments by growing with one market leader


Life‑like, conversational IVR

A new type of IVR that provides the ability to handle inbound telephone queries through enhanced, human‑like interactions.

People prefer improved IVR experiences


of people agree that if they could converse with the automated phone system as if it were a person, the experience would be improved.


of people say that IVRs have too many menu options to remember

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