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Today life moves at a faster pace, and customers continually expect more. At the same time, businesses are under constant pressure to innovate, to keep up with emerging technologies and trends, and to continuously improve the customer experience—without increasing costs.

Success lies in a robust, flexible cloud infrastructure. Nuance Cloud IVR is a cloud‑based platform that offers natural, human‑like interactions that deliver differentiated customer experiences while giving organisations increased flexibility, faster time to market, and reduced operational expenses. Building on the Nuance Intelligent Engagement Cloud, Nuance Cloud IVR combines the latest in our natural, conversational AI technologies with a powerful cloud platform for a powerful, end‑to‑end solution.

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Nuance OnDemand NOD Cloud IVR Hosted IVR

Hosted IVR: 4 Things You'll Gain By Moving To The Cloud eBook

As uncomfortable as shedding IVR equipment operations might be for some companies, the advantages of hosted IVR to both callers and the bottom line simply can't be ignored.

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Nuance OnDemand NOD Cloud IVR Hosted IVR

Acer America case study

Read how Acer America drove service improvements with natural language speech using Nuance’s hosted IVR platform.

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Learn how Nuance Cloud IVR offers natural, human‑like interactions while helping your organisation unlock the benefits of a hosted platform.



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With our long‑term experience providing hosted IVR services for many of the world’s top brands, Nuance provides the operational agility required to meet the growing demands for exceptional customer experience while delivering security and reliability for peace of mind.

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With Nuance Cloud IVR, you gain the full expertise of the largest professional services organisation in the world. Our team is focused on evolving self‑service customer care. And with over a decade of experience across all industries, we have the historical data and best practises to deliver customer self‑service IVR solutions that will set you apart while reducing costs.

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Discover how Nuance Cloud IVR transforms how companies do business—from the customer experiences solutions they offer to the agility of internal operations.

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