Multimedia content: Customised rich content and specialised offers omni-channel customer engagement

Personalise online experiences beyond live chat and call

With Nuance multimedia content, you can target visitors with videos, offers and more—and give your customers a truly personalised online customer service experience.

Deliver rich content for personalised engagement

Multimedia content amplifies digital engagements—from enticing customers with a personalised promotion to explaining product features in a video. And with Nuance, your options are endless.

Nuance’s business rule engine provides your consumers with contextual, demographic and behavioural targeted messages. It works as a stand-alone content option, yet it can also enhance assisted interactions—like virtual assistant or live chat conversations—and allow agents to push content or forms for a convenient, efficient engagement with your customers.

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Interactive, integrated, engaging.

Learn how Nuance multimedia content can help you deliver personalised engagements for your customers.