Nina ID - Secure customer authentication through multi-factor biometric security

Authentication of digital customers should be second nature

With a simple spoken passphrase or even a selfie, your customers can have full access to your website, messaging apps or SMS conversations in your virtual assistant.

Unmatched security

Nina ID uses strong, proven multi-modal biometric security to create a more intelligent, more human-like experience for consumers who are transacting on the go, while at the same time combating the increase in fraud in online channels, phone, mobile, SMS and more.

Each interaction starts on a positive note in a live chat session and simplifies the way customers can authenticate themselves in digital channels by letting them choose voice or facial authentication.

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Nina ID in action

In The Netherlands, ING Bank have added voice and fingerprint biometrics to aid customer authentication. The results have been extremely positive with many customers saying it is their favourite feature.


The best security and convenience

Nina ID uses strong, proven multi-factor biometrics security to create intelligent, more human-like experience for consumers who are transacting on the go.

Secure biometric authentication

Protect your customers from fraud

Give customers what they want


of users are frustrated with existing authentication.


of users prefer voice biometrics over the status quo.
Improved customer experience

Eliminate the need for memorisation or security questions

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