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Make online as good as in-store

Nuance has the technology to offer shoppers in any channel the same level of helpful customer service they expect when they interact with staff in your store. With our omni‑channel customer experience approach, you’ll prevent shopping basket abandonment and increase customer engagement regardless of how they shop and where they are in the process.

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The retail landscape is changing

Online customers are no longer chained to their laptops, and brick‑and‑mortar customers are no longer limited to the resources in‑store. The explosion of smartphone and tablet usage in retail shopping has changed how brands relate to their customers, so brands that want to be industry leaders must have a fully integrated omni‑channel customer experience. But no matter how cutting edge a retailer's omni‑channel presence is, it is only as effective as its online customer engagement.

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Acer America Drives Customer Service Improvements case study (pdf. Open a new window)

Acer America case study(pdf. Open a new window)

Read how Acer America drove service improvements with a natural language speech solution on Nuance’s hosted IVR platform.

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Opus Research: The Intelligence Assistance Playbook (pdf. Open a new window)

Opus Research: The Intelligent Assistance Playbook(pdf. Open a new window)

Learn how to integrate intelligent assistance and authentication into your customer self‑service strategies.

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Nuance professional services deliver self‑service solutions that improve the customer experience while lowering costs—so you can focus even more on your brand, your customers and your products.

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