Identification and Verification - Authenticate with voice biometrics, facial recognition or other modalities.

Authenticate customers with biometrics

As the market leader in multi-modal biometric authentication, Nuance can help you identify and verify your customers – simply and securely with their voice, face or other modalities.

Voice and facial biometrics: Simpler, stronger customer authentication

Start each customer interaction with effortless authentication. Nuance has pioneered many applications for voice and facial biometrics – passive and active authentication, fraud prevention, public security, network password reset – to provide solutions to organisations worldwide.

Voice authentication overcomes knowledge-based security issues by analysing your customer’s voice for hundreds of unique characteristics, then matching to a voiceprint file. With face recognition, users authenticate in real time by taking a selfie that is compared to an image on file, achieving high levels of confidence by overcoming facial variations. New technology will soon detect liveness and potential fraudsters using a photograph.

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Opus Research: Voice Biometrics Census

Opus Research: Voice Biometrics Census

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Australian Tax Office deploys voice biometrics

Australian Tax Office deploys voice biometrics

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Voice biometric authentication: A customer's view

What makes a customer happy? Being able to get right to their problem without having to prove who they are. With Biometric technology from Nuance, customers increase their satisfaction by authenticating naturally with the sound of their voice, face or even the way they interact with the device.



Heed the call of smarter authentication


of users say authentication is time‑consuming and frustrating.


average savings for a company implementing voice biometrics over a three‑year period due to reduced handle time and improved customer satisfaction.


of mobile users reset passwords at least once a month and usually reuse a password.

Nuance Internal Customer Research 2016</sup


What voice biometrics can do for you – and your customers

Think of knowledge-based security as sprawl: when one level becomes ineffective, another level is added. PINs become passwords. Passwords require security questions. And your customers need to remember it all. This adds stress to their experience with your brand and delays customers from completing their task.

Voice biometrics eliminate the sprawl by using your customer’s unique voiceprint for authentication. It can be passive, where users say anything and their voice is matched to a voiceprint. Or it can be active, where callers are asked to recite a passphrase. In either case, voice biometrics provide a natural, effortless and more accurate way to authenticate.

A four-digit PIN is the weakest credential, as it’s often shared and a brute force attack can quickly compromise it. Passwords and security questions can be successfully answered with simple web searches of the account holder. Unlike knowledge-based security, voice biometrics cannot be compromised in this way.

Voiceprints are hashed strings of numbers and characters, so this has no value to a hacker. Plus, each time a fraudster speaks within an IVR, call centre or mobile app, they leave behind their own voiceprint that can be used to proactively keep them out of the system – and even alert law enforcement. The power of voice is in your hands.

The best call centre agents focus on providing great service to happy customers. Unfortunately, before they can provide great service they must authenticate the customer, typically by means of a series of challenge questions.

By eliminating PINs, passwords and challenge questions, agents can engage customers quickly. Which makes both customers and agents happy and impacts the bottom line. After implementing Nuance voice biometrics, a large European financial institute saw an 8% reduction in absenteeism – resulting in hundreds of thousands of pounds in savings.

CNN Money reports on the power of biometrics

Leading financial institutions are leveraging voice and facial biometrics to keep customers secure – and fraudsters at bay. Watch this CNN Money report to see how Nuance solutions deliver effortless authentication.


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