Nuance Prediction Service—Predictive customer intent powered by AI

Predict why customers will contact you before the need arises

Nuance Prediction Service uses artificial intelligence to predict customer intent and take the right action to proactively meet their needs.

Powerful prediction for personalized, and effective, customer engagements

With Nuance Prediction Service, organizations can create highly personalized experiences, powered by AI, that enables them to take proactive action that elevates the customer's experience and improves business results.

Customer demands are rising and changing fast. Organizations need to keep up and offer great service while still focusing on operational efficiency. Predictive solutions can help. Nuance Prediction Service analyzes aggregate customer data from across all channels to model and determine intent and selects the right next step to service customer needs.

Prediction services are limited only by your imagination. Popular use cases include:
  • Predict why someone may contact the organization before they do.
  • Predictive routing—Proactively, and effectively, route someone to the best agent or resource to service their needs.
  • Proactive Engagement—Identify customer patterns and trends and proactively contact them via SMS or email before they call, or prevent a call altogether.
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What Prediction can do for you

Improve business results

As prediction and customer experience improves, so do business results. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as containment rates, routing accuracy, conversion rates, and revenue will improve with each customer engagement.

  • Improve interactive voice response (IVR) containment rates by accurately predicting why customers call and direct them to the right solutions faster within the IVR—without the need for a live agent.
  • Increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction by knowing why someone engages live chat; then use predictive routing to get them to the correct agent.
  • Decrease the need for calls altogether by analyzing customer patterns and proactively engaging customers via SMS or email to pre‑empt and reduce the need for future engagement.

Use cases

Key features

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