Nuance Transcription Engine - Voice to text software for omni-channel solutions.

Unlock the value of your multi-speaker audio

Nuance Transcription Engine automatically transcribes multi-speaker audio data with the highest accuracy in the industry and turns pre-recorded or live audio streams into actionable data that can be used for a host of new applications.

Highly accurate transcriptions. Limitless possibilities.

Do you know how much value is locked up in your audio files? Find out with highly accurate transcription from Nuance. Transcribing audio content within your call centre provides rich customer insights to help improve service and promote script adherence and compliance. Free form survey responses can be turned into actionable data and your speech and text analytics can be supercharged.

There’s more: add fast transcription to broadcast media to understand and analyse what is being said in near real time. Or fully transcribe audio and video assets for rapid searching and indexing. Add transcription to conference calls, courtroom proceedings and interviews to save time and unlock additional insights. Once Nuance Transcription Engine converts the audio into a text transcript, sophisticated analytics can be employed to support any number of use cases.

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Automatic multi-speaker audio transcription

Unlock the latent value in your audio files with these industry-leading features.


The results are in


accuracy – the highest in the industry.


languages supported with 30 dialects, and growing.

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Unlock the value of your multi-speaker audio.