Workforce engagement

A successful contact center starts with efficient agents

For any customer engagement to function at scale, a highly robust workforce operation must be in place.

Digital engagement is on the rise

Efficient and effective customer engagement processes are becoming more and more important. But in order to create an efficient contact center, enterprises need more than great technology—the agent workforce is just as important. That's why Nuance supports enterprises' workforce with the right tools and processes to manage and continuously improve a successful contact center program.

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Chat agent workforce tools

The way customers engage with you has changed over recent years; the results they expect have not. Your agent workforce has to be able to serve your clients no matter what channel they use or what they ask.

Nuance chat agent workforce tools deliver:

Increased chat agent efficiency and satisfaction
  • Easier access to relevant information, so the agent and the supervisor can provide assistance in a timely manner, using, for example, CRM widgets, chat agent scripts, agent‑to‑supervisor messaging and more.
  • Ability for chat agents and contact center managers to organize their desktop to their liking, using modular widgets and customizable views.
  • Ability to integrate with an agent‑facing virtual assistant for quick help powered by AI.
Streamlined contact center operation
  • Efficient agent operation, including faster disposition, advanced script settings, and ability to handle multiple conversations with intuitive views for active and pending engagements.
  • One desktop for all live engagements in digital channels like website, messaging, social and mobile apps.
  • Future proof design that addresses the need of customers to engage in any channel in real time or asynchronously, over time.

Chat agent services

Whether you have your own chat agents or want us to take care of that, we have you covered. Our team's goal is to improve the program performance and enable you with innovative technologies and processes. Extensive training before deployment and ongoing optimization ensure your chat agents and their supervisors are equipped with everything they need to succeed.

KPIs of Nuance Workforce Engagement

Nuance automated and human-assisted technology combined with optimization of the chat agent program deliver real business results.


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Learn how you can more effectively manage live agent teams.