Workforce management—Monitor and manage contact centre teams for optimal customer experience

Effectively manage live agent teams to make every customer chat or call a better experience

Nuance has a highly robust back‑end Workforce Management solution to make your engagement experience function at scale.

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Optimise your customer engagements across your workforce or down to the individual

Workforce Management provides a supervisor module and an agent interface. These two combine to deliver superior workforce management capabilities while also assisting in the optimisation of both chat and call engagements.

To properly manage the simultaneous nature of chat interactions—as opposed to the linear, sequential nature of phone calls—our Workforce Management solution allows effective, efficient monitoring with your online engagement workforce. Whether you need to manage a large workforce or check on a single agent to review compliance after a coaching session, our tools deliver the power, flexibility and speed needed to accomplish your goals.

Optimise customer engagements

Administrative portal

Manage agent attributes, and view and configure reports while controlling overall site engagement operations.


Learn how you can more effectively manage live agent teams.