Nuance Healthcare Success Story—Aesthetic Surgery Associates captures complex clinical notes flawlessly, accurately

Aesthetic Surgery Associates captures complex clinical notes flawlessly, accurately.

Company profile

Harker Heights, TX—Dr. Charles Day, a retired military physician, opened Aesthetic Surgery Associates in 2002 and made the transition from government to private practice. As he planned for the opening of his practice, Dr. Day says, “I looked carefully at practice efficiency, and part of that review was speech recognition software. Even in 2002, Dragon was the front runner. Voice technologies interest me because, when you look at cost centers for a medical practice, transcription costs run high— and often exceed anyone’s estimates.”

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We found that we could circumvent the transcription expense with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Dr. Charles Day
Aesthetic Surgery Associates


  • Make a new practice efficient
  • Minimize or eliminate transcription costs
  • Simple, easy to use speech recognition


  • Support and upgrade Dragon Medical Practice Edition


  • Greater physician satisfaction
  • Improved patient records and medical billing
  • Reduced transcription costs by 65%


Dr. Day invested in Dragon speech recognition technologies and in training to make sure he could maximize his utilization of the solution within his practice. “We found that we could circumvent the transcription expense with Dragon’s speech recognition technologies,” he says.

About the time he opened his practice, Dr. Day met a Nuance Certified Reseller, who owned a medical transcription business. She happened to be in Dr. Day’s office and noticed that he was dictating clinical notes. “She asked me what I was doing, and I showed her. Because she is a forward-thinking person, she saw the opportunity to expand her business from traditional transcription. One year later, I saw her again, and she was all over it: support, knowledge, training, macros, everything with respect to Dragon Medical Practice Edition. We teamed up with her business from there.”

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