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Florida hospitals connect cloud medical imaging services to save lives.

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Baby Christian was delivered at full term at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida. Fewer than 24 hours later he began vomiting and had an abnormal abdomen X-ray. Given the nature of the pediatric emergency situation, Holmes Regional knew Baby Christian needed the specialty and resources provided more than 70 miles away at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando.

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The Nuance PowerShare Network makes a life‑saving difference in trauma scenarios. The ability to instantly view and assess medical images from anywhere, anytime dramatically improves patient care

Dr. Donald Plumley
Pediatric Surgeon
Arnold Palmer Hospital

  • Infant patient presented abnormal abdominal symptoms
  • Two hospitals more than 70 miles away needed to collaborate for expedited care
  • Nuance PowerShare™ Network
  • Physicians were able to assess medical images in real-time via mobile devices
  • Pediatric patient was rapidly transferred and treated thanks to cloud medical imaging


The facility includes Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, which is one of the nation’s largest and most successful neonatal intensive care units. It also includes Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, which is the first facility in Central Florida to provide emergency care exclusively for pediatrics and home to the area’s only Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center.

Holmes Regional’s radiology department was able assess and accelerate patient care and sent Baby Christian’s X-ray to Arnold Palmer Hospital with just a couple clicks of the mouse using Nuance’s cloud-based PowerShare™ Network. Within seconds, Arnold Palmer Hospital pediatric surgeon Dr. Donald Plumley was able to access the medical image on his laptop at which time he recommend an upper gastrointestinal scan.

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