Improving patient outcomes with PowerScribe 360 Critical Results

Einstein Healthcare Network conquers radiology’s ‘Achilles heel’ through critical test results solution.

Einstein Healthcare Network

Company profile

Einstein Healthcare Network is a private, not-for-profit organization that encompasses three hospitals and multiple outpatient centers throughout the greater Philadelphia region. Guided by its mission to provide exceptionally intelligent and responsive healthcare and education for as many as they can reach, Einstein’s radiology department implemented PowerScribe 360 Critical Results in 2005 when it became clear that being without this type of technology was a patient safety issue.

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Being without a secure, trustworthy and verifiable communication method for test results was a patient safety issue. PowerScribe 360 Critical Results finally helped us conquer radiology’s Achilles heel.

Dr. Terence Matalon, FACR FSIR
Chairman Department of Radiology
Einstein Healthcare Network


  • Improve patient safety and care
  • Achieve quality enhancement for practice
  • Obtain exceptional closure rate


  • PowerScribe® 360 Critical Results


  • Achieved 99%+ closure rate by clinician within 3 days for significant results
  • Incontrovertible results for CTR documentation and tracking
  • Decreased physician interruptions and streamlined workflow


Putting patients first
Before implementing PowerScribe 360 Critical Results there was only one way for Einstein’s physicians to ensure that each critical test result was received – manually. With three hospitals, including a Level One Trauma Center, and multiple outpatient facilities that complete approximately 380,000 exams each year, this manual process was nothing short of cumbersome. However, Einstein’s physicians were committed to putting patients first..

“If there was a finding that could change management for a patient, I would stay on the phone and drive-through every layer to make sure I communicated that message right then and there,” said Dr. Terence Matalon, chairman, department of radiology at Einstein. “I would not relent until I made sure that I had closed that loop.”

While Dr. Matalon and the other physicians did their best, manually communicating these findings was challenging and posed restrictions out of their control that ended up affecting both patients and physicians. In fact, Dr. Matalon called it the radiology department’s “Achilles heel.” That is, until 2005 when Einstein implemented PowerScribe 360 Critical Results.

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