Improve Radiology Workflow with PowerScribe

Foundation Radiology Group delivers fast, quality reporting to nearly a dozen states.

Company profile

Foundation Radiology Group is a Pittsburgh-based provider that was founded to revolutionize the practice of radiology in community healthcare settings. Comprised of more than 65 board‑certified radiologists that cover sub‑specialties including pediatrics, women’s imaging, emergency radiology, and more, the group provides over 1 million final reads annually to 30 hospitals across nine states. Unable to deliver superior business and service to these hospital partners without a good reporting tool, Foundation found itself turning to Nuance for a solution.

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We were unable to deliver our business without a good reporting tool. Therefore, we needed a solution that was flexible and could meet our unique needs. PowerScribe 360 does just that.

Chris Radi
Vice President of Information Technology
Foundation Radiology Group


  • Reduce documentation costs
  • Monitor transcription performance
  • Improve documentation efficiency
  • Safeguard referral relationships in competitive environment


  • Clinic 360 Transcription
  • Clinic 360 Mobile
  • Implemented by nearly 200 providers


  • Timely documentation expedites patient care and shortens billing cycles
  • Documentation spend decreases by 30%
  • Enhances relationship with referring providers


Back in 2012, Foundation Radiology Group was on a mission to improve the quality and accuracy of its reporting, reduce its turnaround times and streamline its overall workflow. After looking at vendors throughout the market, Foundation enlisted Nuance and its PowerScribe 360 diagnostic solutions later that year after determining the solution was the best fit for its unique needs.

“We chose PowerScribe 360 because of its strength in voice dictation and reporting,” said Chris Radi, vice president of information technology at Foundation. “Since we service 30 different hospital clients, we needed a solution that was flexible and could integrate with many different hospital providers. We compared it to other options in the industry and found that it was the strongest for us.”

Learn how improve radiology workflow with PowerScribe.