Nuance Healthcare Success Story—Kearney Clinic accelerates workflow, improves accuracy and enhances care quality with Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder.

Accelerate workflow, improve accuracy and enhance care quality with Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder.

Company profile

For more than 50 years, Kearney Clinic, P.C. has been providing a variety of comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, and same day services, and for the past decade, has benefited from using Nuance Healthcare’s documentation and transcription solutions. The Clinic provides a full continuum of services including family practice, general surgery, vascular surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, psychology, diagnostic imaging, and dietetics.

As part of its continued dedication to providing the best possible patient care and upholding its tradition of excellence, the Kearney Clinic team implemented the Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder from Nuance Healthcare for mobile point-of-care documentation.

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By spending less time worrying about technology, our physicians have more time to spend with each patient—whether they dictate at the point of care, or throughout the day, our clinical team is more efficient and productive as a result of Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder.

Steve Jensen
Network Administrator
Kearney Clinic, P.C.


  • Implement convenient
  • High-quality smartphone dictation without expensive proprietary devices
  • A single mobile platform workflow
  • Reliable mobile documentation


  • Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder from Nuance Healthcare maximizes the quality of the facilities back-end speech recognition platform
  • Produces high quality draft reports
  • Speeds document turnaround time using the Apple iPhone or iPad


  • Now the physicians at Kearney Clinic get their dictations done faster and more efficiently while on the go
  • Have a unified device platform for mobile clinical documentation
  • Create more accurate notes and reduce transcription errors


For years, the physicians and IT staff at Kearney Clinic envisioned a single solution for mobile documentation. In early 2011, that vision became a when the Clinic leveraged Nuance Healthcare’s experience and implemented the Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder for their clinicians’ on-the-go dictation needs.

“The capabilities of Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder are perfectly aligned with our goals,” said Steve Jensen, Network Administrator for Kearney Clinic. “Our physicians don’t always have easy access to dictation, especially ones with busy schedules.”

Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder provides highly reliable dictation capture on the Apple® iPhone® and reduces implementation, deployment and maintenance demands.

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