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Dragon Medical One gives clinicians next‑level personalized voice capabilities—so they can dictate directly into their EHR.

Next‑level documentation

Learn how Leon Medical Centers uses Dragon Medical One’s AI‑driven speech recognition to make clinicians more efficient and effective, helping them to reach the highest standards of documentation while spending more time with patients.

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Continuous improvement of processes to maintain Leon’s high standards of accurate, thorough patient documentation.


Dragon Medical One


More comprehensive, efficient, and high‑quality documentation allows clinicians to focus on patient care, using more details to create better outcomes.


Leon Medical Centers (Leon) is an integrated healthcare delivery system that provides coordinated healthcare for Medicare patients across Miami‑Dade County, Florida. More than 2,600 clinical and support staff work together across seven busy centers. Leon provides primary care, urgent care, hospital services, diagnostics, women’s health support, and more, all of which must be documented to the highest standard.

During appointments and post‑consultation visits, Leon’s clinical personnel would input information directly into their Epic electronic health record (EHR) system via a keyboard and mouse, or work with a scribe to update patient notes.

Detailed, accurate documentation is essential for effectively managing patient care at scale—so Leon’s leaders are always looking for opportunities to introduce tools that can help clinicians work more efficiently. EHRs are powerful tools for managing patient care across the whole system, but they can also lead to clinicians spending extra time on administrative tasks that could be better spent connecting with patients.

“We’re always aiming for continuous improvement,” says Marcus Gomez, Senior Vice President, and CIO for Leon Medical Centers. “We want to be progressive with our use of technology, to reach the highest standards of documentation.”

Dragon has improved our speed and efficiency. The downstream effect has improved patient satisfaction and physician satisfaction. They’re allowed to spend more time with the patients because they’re not focused on typing notes.

—Dr. Haleem Mohammed

Regional Medical Director
Leon Medical Centers

Targeting clinical documentation excellence

Leon’s radiologists had years of experience with PowerScribe One, Nuance’s AI‑powered radiology reporting platform, so Dragon Medical One was a natural candidate for consideration. Dragon Medical One uses AI‑driven speech recognition to give clinicians next‑level personalized voice capabilities—so they can dictate directly into their EHR and any other system they use. It’s purpose‑built as a clinical documentation companion, using conversational AI to ease handling complex medical terminology and even medication names.

The team was looking for a solution that could aid and advise its clinicians, from pre‑charting through to post‑encounter documentation, boosting reporting speed and accuracy and freeing up time to focus on diagnosis and treatment. And because Leon relies on its EHR for continuity of care, the new tool needed to work seamlessly with the Epic EHR.

Beginning with a small group of 12 clinicians, Leon deployed Dragon Medical One alongside Nuance PowerMic for a 10‑week pilot. Once the clinicians had successfully adjusted their workflows to using speech recognition, Leon expanded the program.

“The pilot showed that Dragon Medical One and PowerMic integrated well with Epic. And with positive feedback from our clinicians and no issues to smooth out, we had the confidence we needed to proceed. These tools help our clinicians complete accurate, thorough, and efficient documentation—which is at the core of managing the care of our patients,” says Gomez. “The quality of support from Nuance helped us train both the physicians and system administrators effectively.”

It was extremely important that the solution worked with our Epic EHR. We felt like we could replicate our radiology colleagues’ success and build a strong partnership with Nuance—and Dragon Medical One was proven in the industry.

—Marcus Gomez

Senior Vice President and CIO
Leon Medical Centers

Improving the patient‑provider experience

Since deploying Dragon Medical One, primary care physicians, various specialists, and nurse practitioners across Leon can document faster, allowing them to create comprehensive, accurate notes without compromising on time spent with their patients. And with more information at their fingertips, clinicians can make better-informed decisions about patient care and deliver more comprehensive referrals to their colleagues.

“Dragon Medical One has made clinicians more efficient and more effective. We can chart in a way that allows you to really document the patient’s situation and conditions,” explains Dr. Jose Ferrer, Director of Urology at Leon Medical Centers.

With speech recognition, the clinician’s focus isn’t split between the patient and the computer screen as they type up notes—and they no longer need to rush to complete their documentation before their next consultation. With this change to their workflow, Leon’s clinicians can see more patients during their clinic hours, ensuring more of Miami’s citizens access timely care.

Unmatched outcomes

Adoption rates among Leon’s clinicians are high—and still rising—89% of its licensed Dragon Medical One users have now fully adopted the solution in their daily workflows. In a recent user survey, all of Leon’s respondents agreed that Dragon Medical One is useful for their documentation processes, and all of them reported high satisfaction.


adoption rate among licensed Dragon Medical One users


of clinicians say it meets their needs extremely well


of clinicians are highly satisfied with Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One has made clinicians more efficient and more effective. We can chart in a way that allows you to really document the patient’s situation and conditions.

—Dr. Jose Ferrer

Director of Urology
Leon Medical Centers

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