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Michigan Cornea Consultants significantly reduces costs and improves responsiveness.

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Michigan Cornea Consultants is a sub-specialist practice focused on treating corneal and external diseases involving the external eye, cornea, iris, and lens. Most patients are referred by an ophthalmologist or optometrist, though on occasion patients may be seen at the request of internists, dermatologists, or rheumatologists. Three full-time physicians serve patients at offices in Southfield, Warren, and Dearborn, Michigan.

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I really didn’t know how this would work out for us. But Dragon Medical has exceeded our expectations. It’s a pleasure to use.

Dr. Steven P. Dunn, MD
Michigan Cornea


  • Replace an inefficient process and eliminate $35,000 in annual transcription expenses


  • Use Dragon Medical Practice Edition speech recognition to create complete, real-time patient notes and consult letters quickly


  • Created high quality documentation unique to each patient encounter
  • Significant annual cost savings included $35,000 in transcription costs
  • Macros and templates reduced the time it takes to enter patient information


The practice has deployed real-time speech recognition to improve clinical workflow. Cost savings and dramatically higher levels of service to patients and responsiveness to referring physicians are among the benefits Michigan Cornea Consultants have seen. Recently, all three physicians in the practice upgraded to Dragon® Medical Practice Edition.

Prior to implementing Dragon Medical, Michigan Cornea Consultants used hand-held recorders and a transcription service to complete letters to referring physicians. This method of producing letters cost the practice more than $35,000 each year in labor expense. The turnaround time was also unacceptably slow. Physicians had to wait one to two days to receive their notes back from the transcription service before they could review and sign off on them. Steven P. Dunn, MD recalled, “We needed quicker turnaround time.”

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