Transforming CDI in Healthcare with Dragon Medical

The Ottawa Hospital improves patient care and lowers transcription costs.

Cloud-based speech platform and embedded solutions, plus CDI, transform clinical documentation.

The Ottawa Hospital Success Story

Company profile

The Ottawa Hospital is a 1,149-bed non-profit, academic health sciences center in Ottawa, Canada. It serves 1.3 million people across Eastern Ontario. The Ottawa Hospital was looking to improve patient safety and quality of care by giving all providers within the hospital and throughout the community immediate access to patient records. At the same time, it wanted to be a responsible steward of its financial resources.

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We expect to save $11 million over 5 years because of Dragon Medical. The accessibility of patient records—possible because our clinicians are documenting care electronically—is truly exciting.

Dr. Glen Geiger
The Ottawa Hospital


  • Improve continuity of care
  • Enhance patient safety and quality of care
  • Reduce transcription costs


  • Dragon Medical Network Edition complements the Oasis EHR


  • Templates improve documentation accuracy, thoroughness and consistency
  • Documentation is available two weeks faster
  • Documentation is accessible throughout the circle of care
  • Transcription savings of $7 million
  • $11 million projected savings over 5 years
  • 37,000 documents created per month vs 3,000 previously


The first hospital in Canada to implement Dragon Medical Network Edition alongside its Oasis EHR solution, The Ottawa Hospital has succeeded in ensuring timely access to accurate and comprehensive patient information to all involved in the circle of care. Voice recognition capabilities also reduced transcription costs, which has allowed the hospital to reinvest $7 million into medical care.

The hospital’s Computer Application Support (CAS) Group began its implementation of Dragon Medical Network Edition by updating workstations. They evaluated ways to ensure the system worked well in a noisy environment, ultimately determining the optimal acoustic locations for performing dictation, then issued each clinician a PowerMic. The CAS Group also put together a comprehensive plan to teach physicians how to train Dragon Medical and to create templates to simplify data entry. They encouraged early adopters to help their peers. The help desk and onsite support teams were also taught to address user issues.

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