Manage value-driven payment models with mPower

South Jersey Radiology Associates invests in PowerScribe 360 and mPower Clinical Analytics to power its future of care.

South Jersey Radiology Health Success Story

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For nearly 80 years, South Jersey Radiology Associates (SJRA) has provided a multitude of imaging services to patients throughout the south Jersey and Philadelphia regions. Today, the organization includes 12 facilities and employs more than 50 radiologists whose daily mission is to deliver the highest quality of care possible to their patients. But that’s not all. Since 2011, SJRA has been able to extend its value even further by not only providing superior care, but also efficiently tracking and measuring its top-of-the-line service.

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With value-driven payment models driving the future of healthcare, facilities are going to have to prove their value and demonstrate that they are following guidelines. Without a solution like mPower Clinical Analytics, that is going to be difficult to do.

Dr. William Muhr
Diagnostic Radiologis
South Jersey Radiology Associates


  • Required to mine data from reports manually
  • High level of variability among reporting
  • Inefficient workflows among radiologists and facilities
  • Inability to thoroughly track throughput of patient care

  • PowerScribe® 360 and mPower™ Clinical Analytics

  • Eliminated manual data mining
  • Successfully implemented guidelines to reduce variability of reporting
  • Achieved a 10% increase in workflow efficiencies
  • Attained ability to track throughput of patient care


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