mPower Clinical Analytics for medical imaging

Measure performance. Demonstrate value.

Easily retrieve actionable information and derive insights from a variety of data sources with mPower Clinical Analytics. This robust, cloud-based solution will help your team more efficiently and effectively monitor, understand and improve financial and clinical performance.

mPower Clinical Analytics HealthCheck

Using AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) to extract data from radiology reports can reveal insights that lead to practice improvements and combat radiologist burnout, while delivering more value and better care.

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Blog: Driving quality and outcome improvement with actionable insights using mPower HealthCheck

Read how the mPower Clinical Analytics HealthCheck service scours unstructured data in radiology reports and generates detailed analyses to help improve patient and financial outcomes, address physician burnout, and prepare for PAMA compliance in 2020.

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Access actionable insights to optimize radiology performance

As the healthcare environment evolves, so does the role of imaging. The shift to value-based models means you need to play a more active role within the patient care circle—and keep a more watchful eye on outcomes. With mPower Clinical Analytics for radiology, your team will have access to actionable insights that can help you optimize radiology performance, drive adoption of valuable AI technologies, reduce risk of failed follow-ups, reduce costs, and increase revenues—all while enhancing patient care.


Get a complete picture of your imaging department

Our NLP-driven, cloud-based platform will deliver meaningful analytics that you can use to profile your performance across relevant metrics. This information will help drive initiatives that make a real difference in your clinical and business outcomes.

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AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

Accelerating the development, deployment and adoption of AI for radiology

The industry’s first and only two‑sided network for diagnostic imaging, the Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging offers AI developers the ability to connect to the 70 percent of radiologists and the 6,500+ healthcare facilities already using Nuance’s PowerScribe radiology reporting and PowerShare image sharing network.

80% of the time consumed in most AI and machine learning projects has to do with data preparation. As you explore the potential of AI algorithms, leveraging mPower clinical analytics can extract data for comparison before and after algorithm adoption – giving you the insights you need to more efficiently evaluate an algorithm’s accuracy and value in your own environment.

Integrated solutions

Enhance mPower Clinical Analytics for medical imaging

Add-on solutions further increase the value of your investment in mPower Clinical Analytics for medical imaging.

Bring radiology reporting to a new level of consistency and quality with PowerScribe One, Nuance’s next generation,  AI-powered radiology reporting solution.  Achieve unparalleled levels of workflow efficiency and accuracy to improve disease detection, diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.  

Enable the rapid and efficient generation of high‑quality, actionable reports with PowerScribe 360 Reporting, the industry's most trusted and widely used real-time radiology reporting platform.

Automated identification and proactive management of incidental findings recommendations and follow-up compliance, closing the loop on patient follow-up for improved outcomes.

Integrated workflows for automated and reliable communication of actionable findings, with documentation and reporting tools that facilitate management, auditing and compliance.


Working together to deliver value through improved business and clinical outcomes.

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