Appointment Management for healthcare

Automate appointment reminders and notifications

Open the line of communication with your patients with automated Appointment Management from Nuance. By sending personalized, relevant information to patients in their preferred channel, healthcare organizations increase care adherence, alleviate staff workload, and achieve financial gains.

Let rescheduling be a simple response

Nuance appointment reminders offer real‑time interactive rescheduling on the channel of contact. Intelligent automation extends modern convenience to patients while organizations reduce no‑shows and optimize schedules.


Increase efficiencies with messaging done right

Make it simple to reach your patients wherever they choose to engage with you. Automated appointment reminders with rescheduling capabilities, personalized outreach, and useful messaging grow patient satisfaction and establish organizations as a modernized caretaker.

Real‑world business outcomes

virtual assistant containment


first contact resolution


intent recognition by VA across web and WhatsApp channels


Spark a connection with award‑winning engagement technology

A single conversational AI solution delivers superior experiences across channels.


Automate personalized omni‑channel communication

Intelligent automation delivers convenient communication that boosts satisfaction and optimizes schedules while reducing staff workloads.

Appointment Management

Decrease no‑shows and set patient expectations with automated voice and SMS appointment reminders that include easy access to helpful phone numbers or locations. Allow patients to confirm, cancel, or conveniently interact with the system to reschedule in the same channel. Field inbound voice appointment inquiries, provide automated virtual visit support, send appointment modification confirmations, and recite or link helpful urls so patients can get what they need quickly.

Proactive outreach

Maximize patient reach and flexibility when administrators use a flexible cloud‑based application with an intuitive interface to create and send messages over multiple channels (voice, email, text). Whether sending reminders about preventative care (e.g., vaccines, mammograms, etc.) or treatment plans, or notices about inclement weather, patients stay informed with minimal staff involvement.

SMS gateway

Deliver timely, helpful information to patients when Nuance delivers SMS messages using native application (e.g., EHR, CRM, etc.) functionality. Whether sending patient status updates, MyChart quick reminders, or 2‑factor authentication codes, organizations can meet patient needs with automated communication that assumes staff outreach duties and preempts patient inquiries.

Let's modernize the digital front door and improve the patient experience together.