Nuance Healthcare Solutions for Clinical Documentation

Overcoming the challenge of clinical documentation

Australian healthcare is changing at an unprecedented rate with major investments in technologies such as the EMR to digitise the patient record and move to ‘paperless’. However, many healthcare professionals are often spending more than 50% of their time documenting care. Under increasing pressure of rising workload and fewer resources, at risk is the patient-healthcare professional relationship and quality of care. Join us for a webinar with Dr Simon Wallace (CCIO, Nuance) who will present case studies from leading UK National Health Service (NHS) hospitals across a range of diverse specialties and describe how Nuance speech recognition solutions are proven to accelerate EMR adoption, reduce the burden of administration for healthcare professionals and free them to focus on their patients improving documentation quality and reducing risk.

Natural data entry for those who care

Forget about typing!

Dragon Medical solutions accurately translate the doctor’s voice into a rich, detailed clinical narrative that feeds directly into the EMR. Enter and capture health data simply using your voice.


Clinical documentation: quick, precise & high quality

Nuance solutions for clinical documentation

There's a speech solution that's made for you

The easy weight, high performance cloud‑technology based solution

Count on Dragon Medical Direct to capture the patient story directly in the EMR from anywhere. This fully scalable solution supports acute and ambulatory IT infrastructures with one-click deployment. Dragon Medical Direct can be installed on any clinical workstation or laptop in just minutes without the need for complex configurations. Place the cursor where you want, and start dictating into any clinical, or non-clinical, Windows-based application (e.g., EMR, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word).

On-premise solution for large departments, clinics and sites

Medical speech recognition that communicates easily with existing workflows, and is compatible with all common EMR platforms. This scalable, front‑end speech recognition on‑premise solution helps you improve documentation, eliminate transcription costs, and increase efficiency, profitability and clinician satisfaction.

New version 4 out now!

This locally installed desktop solution helps you improve documentation, eliminate transcription costs, increase efficiency, profitability and clinician satisfaction. Dragon Medical Practice Edition releases everyone in the clinical and practice team from mundane day-to-day administration. Distributed via local Nuance certified partners, who make it easy for you to get started!

#1 KLAS Category Leader for Speech Recognition—Front End Imaging, PowerScribe 360 Reporting enables quality improvement through streamlined report creation using unparalleled voice recognition. Add integrated quality guidance, critical test results management and performance analysis for the industry’s most robust reporting platform.

A complete development ecosystem and delivery platform for healthcare developers who want to embed voice technology in their clinical applications.Easy to integrate with platform-specific SDKs for mobile devices (iOS and Android), web browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), and desktops (Microsoft .NET and COM).

Award-winning solutions that have won over the industry


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clinicians in 10K+ organizations worldwide

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patient stories get told accurately every year
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