Dragon Medical Forms

Improve data entry with voice‑enabled e‑Forms

Dragon Medical Forms is a web‑based electronic forms solution using AI and speech recognition. It empowers healthcare organisations to eliminate pre‑printed paper forms and streamline processes enterprise‑wide, saving time and costs.

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Eliminate paper forms, streamline work

Spend less time managing forms and data entry and more time treating patients.

Collect accurate and complete data electronically and at the point of care.

Spend less time completing and managing forms and data entry and more time treating patients and performing core business tasks. Dragon Medical Forms improves the efficiency of your clinical workforce by automating your forms and manual processes.

Forms that meet your needs

Custom e‑Form design

Dragon Medical Forms are custom and designed to match your organisation’s specific requirements. Example forms include Nursing visit records, doctors’ notes from patient visits, progress notes, discharge summaries, physical forms, case management forms, supply order forms, employee forms, referral forms and more.

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Don’t let forms slow you down.