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Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center reduces transcription costs 70%, drives EHR adoption.

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center Success Story

Company profile

One of the top health systems in the U.S., Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center (AIMMC) is a 408-bed hospital in Chicago with a Level I trauma center and a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, with nearly 900 physicians, 300 residents, and 700 nurses using Cerner Millennium®.

When a Joint Commission site visit revealed indecipherable and incomplete documentation in its GI and surgery departments—illegible documentation, missing signatures, dates and time stamps—AIMMC chose PowerNote®, part of the Cerner Millennium EHR, to fix things.

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AIMMC was the first Advocate site to mandate the use of the EMR for physicians, all because we had a Dragon/PowerNote strategy.

Adem Arslani BSN, MS
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center


  • Eliminate indecipherable, incomplete documentation
  • Achieve 100% EHR adoption
  • Maintain patient care and physician satisfaction excellence


  • Deploy Cerner PowerNote® enterprise-wide on Intel® processor-based PCs
  • Speech-enable EHR with Dragon Medical Network Edition
  • Engage consultants to create specialty-driven workflows


  • Reduced outsourced transcription costs 70%
  • Reduced net transcription costs 50%
  • Near 100% adoption of EHR


To ensure rapid and comprehensive adoption while still maintaining physician satisfaction, AIMMC implemented Dragon® Medical Network Edition from Nuance Healthcare.

With 100% adoption, the benefits would be huge: complete and universally available electronic patient records, increased physician efficiency, Meaningful Use, Joint Commission compliance, and the ability to bill more accurately for services.

Until AIMMC achieved 100% use of Cerner PowerNote, it would be living in a “hybrid” environment, with parts of the patient record on paper and other parts in digital format. The EHR wouldn’t provide a complete picture of the patient; physicians might be making decisions without key patient data.

Many physicians did not like typing notes into Cerner PowerNote, so boosting adoption meant accommodating a variety of preferences with a wide range of input options, including advanced speech recognition.

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