Success story—PowerShare enables real-time image sharing

Orlando Health allows doctors to access images from any mobile device through connected medical imaging

PowerShare enables real‑time access to medical images for one of Florida’s most comprehensive healthcare networks.

Eliminating the trouble of CDs

Read how Orlando Health uses PowerShare to overcome the common drawbacks of using CDs to share imaging. Instead of dealing with incompatible, unloadable, or forgotten CDs, now physicians can access in real time medical images from anywhere, leading to improved patient care.

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  • Decrease CD usage to eliminate corrupt and unreadable files
  • Allow physicians to view imaging studies on mobile devices and at home
  • Expedite referral process


PowerShare Image Sharing


  • Meaningful reduction in CDs and unnecessary repeat imaging scans
  • Appropriate utilization of beds in the Trauma Center
  • Improved customer service to referring providers
  • Real‑time access to image studies on any device


Orlando Health is one of Florida’s most comprehensive private, not‑for‑profit healthcare networks with six leading community hospitals, two nationally recognized specialty hospitals and one world‑class cancer center. With over 2,200 physicians and 50 referring facilities, it was crucial that Orlando Health provide physicians with real‑time access to medical images in order to appropriately plan for patient care.

However, referring providers would often send patients’ medical images and records via CDs that were incompatible, unloadable or forgotten. Both patients and physicians grew frustrated with the time wasted from repeat imaging scans. Additionally, the lack of access to medical records led to unnecessary transfers and overcapacity, because doctors weren’t able to make decisions regarding care prior to a patient’s arrival.

Nuance’s PowerShare team is very flexible and forward‑thinking. If a consumer wants something, they work hard to make it happen. That is not something you find a lot in an IT company.

—Dr. Timothy Bullard

Chief Medical Officer of Business Development & Innovation at Orlando Health

Easing management and improving workflow

Three years ago, Orlando Health’s chief medical officer, Dr. Timothy Bullard, and the hospital’s Business Development and Innovation team began their search to identify ways of using technology to improve workflow efficiency and link doctors. The department went through iterations trying to set up an internal network, and then attempted to implement an intermediary server—both proved too difficult to manage.

Growing frustrated, Bullard and his colleagues stumbled across PowerShare Image Sharing. “We saw that it was realistic and a good solution for us, and it turned out to be just that,” he said.

Orlando Health implemented the solution quickly, allowing medical images to be transported electronically from other centers and imported into their system before the patient arrived for a visit. Even if a patient did come in with a CD, the images could be uploaded to the network for easy accessibility and long‑term use.

Going mobile

Today, Orlando Health uses PowerShare Image Sharing across the board, with the largest volume of images shared in the cardiac center.

“A year ago, physicians came to us wanting to look at echo and moving image studies on mobile devices and at home, but our inpatient system wasn’t configured that way,” said Megan McLendon, manager of Business Development and Innovation. “Nuance took our suggestion and developed mobile accessibility within 45 days, which became an incredible asset to doctors that are on‑call or not at their computers.”

The mobility of PowerShare ensures results get to referring providers faster, as well. Traditionally, Orlando Health would fax or mail routine scan results back to the patient’s referring provider. Now, they can send images and reports within a couple hours.

“The ability to get results on mobile devices and tie it back to a patient’s medical records is a total game changer,” says McLendon.

Keeping the network

The network has proven to be patient‑driven, secure, and widely accepted among referring providers. With superior performance and service, Orlando Health plans to continue using PowerShare, encouraging other healthcare providers to do so, and eventually bring patients into the network so they can access their own data and share directly with hospitals.

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