IVR system for healthcare

Bring intelligence to your phone lines

An intuitive interactive voice response (IVR) system for healthcare allows callers to speak freely and resolve their issues successfully, just as if they were speaking with a human. Power your patient access center or organization telephony with automated inbound call resolution that boosts patient satisfaction, achieves efficiencies, and contains staffing costs.

Let patients use their words

With Nuance Conversational IVR, patient callers verbalize their need and are quickly routed to self‑service options or live assistance. Intelligent automation helps organizations address high call volumes and make smart use of staff.

The best experiences rely on world‑class IVR

See how Nuance is uniquely able to deliver an exceptional experience to patients over voice.

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Easy, effective conversational experiences

Greet callers with “How can I help you today” and let them answer naturally. Intelligent, automated responses quickly give them what they need. By eliminating the use of tedious or confusing menu prompts, organizations achieve shorter, satisfying interactions.

Real‑world business outcomes

increase in IVR Net Promoter Score


automated first call resolution (FCR)


increase in handle volume


customer interactions per year


Powerful technology for simple, satisfying experiences

Nuance IVR and voice solutions reduce friction and frustration with AI‑powered intelligence that delivers superior results.

Complementary solutions

Appointment Management

On average, 13% of patients are appointment no‑shows. Patients who come to their appointments without the necessary preparations—fasting, completed lab tests, etc.—further impact patient care and organization revenue. Automate voice and SMS appointment reminders or field inbound voice appointment inquiries and offer real‑time rescheduling capabilities on the channel of contact. Enable native messaging from any application and manage proactive outreach to improve appointment adherence, promote wellness, impact revenue, and boost satisfaction.

Patient Support

Provide interactive bilingual 24x7x365 assistance powered by industry‑leading NLU. IVR and virtual assistant capabilities help patients self‑serve account access and activation issues or receive automated answers to frequently asked questions over voice or online chat. Similarly, patients seeking assistance preparing for their virtual visit receive instructions and help with testing and troubleshooting, with the option to transfer to a live agent. Organizations conduct proactive outreach and share useful information that lead to greater patient portal access and telehealth success.

Let's modernize the digital front door and improve the patient experience together.