Clintegrity Coding Compliance

Comprehensive, real‑time coded record monitoring and review

Reduce or eliminate reimbursement delays and audit risks by monitoring and updating records to meet regulatory and payor standards before being billed. Improves the quality of claims data and acts as an early warning system to identify and reduce potential audit vulnerabilities.


Reinforce coding accuracy

Nuance Clintegrity Coding Compliance enables facilities to establish comprehensive and customizable pre‑bill rules based on claims data or user criteria such as payor contracts, physicians, denial details, and coding information. These rules can be activated immediately to comply with rapidly changing quality, payor, and regulatory requirements.

Accurate and appropriate reimbursement

Models future reimbursement expectations based on more complete coding.

Reduces claim denials

Helps ensure accurate and complete coding of the medical record to protect against non‑compliance.

Reduces audit risk

Reduces risk of penalties and take‑backs from OIG, RAC, or other payor audits.

Continuous improvement

Tracks progress against specific goals, identifies performance trends, and uncovers possible areas of improvement.


Comprehensive knowledge base

Help your staff address the growing number of clinical, financial and regulatory changes including CMS updates, Office of Inspector General (OIG) targets, Revenue Edits, Data Quality Edits, and AHA and AMA coding guidelines.

Complementary solutions

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