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Improve productivity, compliance, and client service

Join the thousands of financial advisors who are using Dragon speech recognition solutions to create more detailed, accurate financial documentation to improve compliance, increase productivity and deliver better client service—by voice.

Cloud-based speech recognition within the finance sector

How does cloud-based speech recognition solutions help accounting, financial and insurance firms maximise productivity, improve client service and reduce costs while meeting growing compliance mandates?

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Cloud-based speech recognition within the finance sector

The financial sectors are prolific document creators and riddled with paper processing. Many of these documents are required to meet corporate and government requirements. So how can cloud-based speech recognition help?
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Improve financial documentation

Balance paperwork demands and regulatory compliance efforts

Busy financial service professionals face significant paperwork challenges. Increased regulations mean more scrutiny towards document compliance. There is a better way. Improve overall efficiency using Dragon speech recognition and create detailed financial documents – all by voice. All while keeping customers satisfied.

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