Dragon Professional Anywhere Business Transcription

Let your voice do the work with AI‑powered speech recognition

Save your organisation time and money with cloud-hosted speech recognition for the enterprise and public sector. Dragon Professional Anywhere integrates directly into workflows to empower your workforce to create high-quality documentation.

Put your voice to work

Thin client speech recognition for the enterprise has arrived; Dragon Professional Anywhere - empowering your workforce to create high‑quality documentation and saving your business time and money.

Dragon in the cloud

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Learn about Dragon Professional Anywhere and Dragon Anywhere Mobile – the latest professional-grade cloud-based speech recognition solutions now.

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Your words mean business—make them count

Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere empowers busy professionals—including remote workers—to use their voice naturally to create more detailed and accurate documentation quickly and easily.


Achieve higher quality documentation and greater flexibility

Mission critical documentation should be dictated by knowledge workers and field professionals, not technology limitations. Conversational AI empowers private and public sector professionals to document more naturally.


Work better, faster and smarter with accurate dictation and transcription

Complementary solutions

Dragon Anywhere Mobile—for iOS and Android devices

Extend the capabilities of Dragon Professional Anywhere with the addition of Dragon Anywhere Mobile. Included at no additional cost, Dragon Anywhere Mobile is professional-grade mobile dictation allowing users to create, edit, and format documents of any length and share information directly from a mobile device.

Your work doesn’t stop when you are in the field and away from your PC. Whether you are a financial adviser, a police officer or a case-worker, Dragon Anywhere Mobile extends your ability to capture critical information at the point of interaction.

To help keep busy professionals productive, customisations—like an Auto-Text or unique verbal commands—created in Dragon Anywhere Mobile are automatically synchronised with Dragon Professional Anywhere and vice versa. This allows work started in the field to easily be completed at the office.

Industry use case

Banking and Financial services

Dragon Professional Anywhere is a smart investment for banking and financial services professionals.

  • Improve financial documentation by creating client plans, reports and other documents 3X than typing
  • Improve compliance by quickly memorialising client interactions, document disclosures and detailed action plans
  • Deliver better client service by improving document workflows and refocusing on client service, not paperwork
  • Reduce time and cost by reducing reliance on administrative staff or outside transcription services

Industry use case

Social services

Dragon Professional Anywhere employs secure encryption methods throughout the workflow for security and confidentiality to help comply with sensitive casework documenting client visits in the field.

  • Improve report immediacy and specificity by capturing information at the point of interaction by voice, and not relying on hand-written notes
  • Increase casework volume without sacrificing quality—speed turnaround times, meet deadlines and move information to better serve client needs
  • Manage communications more effectively by authoring, sharing and streamlining agency workflows—all by voice
  • Increase job satisfaction by empowering caseworkers to spend more time solving client challenges, and less time on administration
  • Streamline documentation—from automating the completion of form-based templates to dictating client assessments
  • Leverage cloud technologies to dictate notes on a smartphone at a client site—then access a transcription of the notes on the caseworker's laptop upon return to the office
  • Ensure documentation—whether captured on a smartphone or a laptop—is secured and how Nuance technology aligns with industry-standard security frameworks

Ready to take your mission critical documentation to the next level?