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Nuance Mix conversational AI tooling platform empowers organisations to quickly and easily create and maintain their own enterprise‑grade, omni‑channel customer service experiences for IVR, chatbots, and more.

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Nuance Mix empowers organisations to create advanced conversational experiences for IVR and chatbots using the same market‑leading tools that Nuance uses for design, speech, natural language, dialog and test. With one tooling platform across the full software development lifecycle, enterprises gain greater control, accelerated development time, and increased business agility. The result is conversational AI that drives business outcomes.

See how Nuance Mix is changing the game for DIY conversational AI solutions.

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Develop natural and engaging experiences for IVR, smart speakers, chatbots, and more based on Nuance’s industry‑leading speech and AI technologies.

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Discover the golden rules of DIY customer experience

For technology leaders, the pressure is on to deliver unique conversational customer experiences, fast. And now that cloud, APIs, and microservices have made it possible to build world‑class experiences in‑house, there are often many good reasons to take a DIY approach.

But building experiences that customers love—and that deliver your desired business outcomes—means sourcing the right tools, closing up skills gaps, and honing your strategy. If you want to see the best results, there’s a lot to consider.

We’ve created this guide to help!

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The CTO's guide to DIY customer experiences

Learn what it takes to build conversational customer experiences in-house, and what to consider.

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Do it yourself. But not alone.

With Mix you can create on your own or with Nuance help. You decide. We offer flexible cooperation models from complete DIY to having our team of experts build it for you, train you, and hand over the keys for you to manage. We are always standing by to provide ongoing support as needed and help optimise your application along the way.


Everything you need for creating engaging conversational experiences

Instant access to proven, deep learning‑based speech and NLU technologies.

Nuance Mix wins 2021 Contact Centre Technology Award

Presented by Customer Magazine, the Contact Centre Technology Award is given to companies with product or services that are considered the “top‑of‑the‑top” in the industry, and with the ability to help enterprise, SMB, and outsourced contact centres deliver world class customer experiences. This year’s 16th annual award honours companies that offer the best in customer service‑enhancing technology solutions.

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Creativity unleashed

Nuance Mix is an enterprise‑grade SaaS platform with intuitive, powerful tools and development capabilities based on Nuance’s industry‑leading speech and AI technologies.

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Learn how Mix improves conversational AI development

Hear direct from Nuance engineers on trends in AI and how Mix delivers value to your organisation.

Proven industry technology & experience

With best‑in‑class core speech and NLU technologies (“deep learning”) trusted by leading organisations, Nuance Mix puts our vast experience in your very capable hands.


years that Nuance has provided industry‑leading, user‑centric voice and chat UIs


leading brands, including 75% of the Fortune 100 companies, trust Nuance for its best‑in‑class core speech and NLU technologies.


languages supported worldwide to create global customer experiences

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