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Unleash the power of The Modern Voice for powerful customer service

Nuance market-leading voice solutions offer AI‑powered, enterprise‑grade speech technologies that enable your organisation to create interactive voice response (IVR) and speech solutions that feel almost human.

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Start a conversation with your customers

The importance of speech technologies for customer service rises every day. There are new ways to use the power of voice to engage organisations—for questions, ordering products, checking delivery dates—all of which boost customer satisfaction. And people still love to talk directly to an agent to resolve important or complex issues. That’s why many leading organisations are working with Nuance to create powerful and effective interactive voice response and speech-based solutions that increase customer self-service, meet customer demands and drive operational efficiency. Are you ready to start talking?

Learn how The Modern Voice is redefining the ways brands engage with customers through conversational AI.

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Reaching new heights in self‑service

Nuance voice solutions enhance the customer experience while enabling companies to reduce call centre costs. See how American Airlines (US Airways) reaches new heights in customer service with a fast, personalised self‑service IVR system.

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Accurate, intuitive and innovative. Naturally.

Nuance has offered innovative speech technologies for over 20 years, and we’re ready to help your business deliver better customer service.

Why Nuance

Improved customer experiences

Today’s digital world means consumers can quickly shift their business to a competitor if they’re unsatisfied with your service. With Nuance voice technologies, you can create compelling IVR and voice solutions that deliver intuitive, self-service experiences your customers will love.

Reduced operational costs

Nuance can help your call centre reduce costs—applications, infrastructure, people—while still meeting customer expectations. Our intelligent voice technologies in the IVR drive efficiencies across your entire operation.

Minimised TCO meets maximised ROI

Partnering with Nuance on a conversational IVR platform is a smart technology investment for your call centre—and one that delivers a significant return for your business and executives.


Voice solutions deliver, loud and clear

Whether your business needs a full natural language‑based IVR or more traditional speech‑enabled solutions, we can help. Nuance meets the demands of enterprise with solutions for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text‑to‑Speech (TTS), natural language‑based call steering and IVR to Digital.

For your customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction, NPS scores and loyalty.
  • Gain a positively differentiated brand perception.
  • Develop a consistent customer experience across multiple channels.
For your operations
  • Improve automation metrics (containment, misroutes) through increased self‑service IVR use and effectiveness.
  • Decrease call centre cost metrics (cost per transaction, AHT) through improved call resolution and deflection.
  • Gain greater contact centre efficiency through improved agent utilisation and reduced labor expense.
For your long‑term ROI
  • Streamline costs and investments with technology and support for multiple channels and existing systems.
  • Optimise interactive voice response solutions over time through insights that increase efficiency and ROI.
  • Simplify operations and investments by growing with one market leader.

Recognising the demand for voice and speech


of customers had a live conversation with a customer service representative or agent via telephone in 2016.

“2017 Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter and More Strategic.” —Kate Leggett. Forrester.

20 years

Nuance is a leader in the speech industry, with over 20 years of experience in recognition, translation and Text‑to‑Speech capabilities.


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